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Prokaryotic Protein Expression

The prokaryotic E. coli expression system is widely acknowledged as a highly cost-effective, technically mature, and commonly used system for protein expression. At Bioantibody, we are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive, one-stop services ranging from gene synthesis to protein expression and purification. Our services include free codon optimization and utilization of our proprietary technology to address any issues related to low expression and insolubility that may arise during the entire expression and purification process. Our customers only need to provide the gene or amino acid sequence of the protein and we can deliver high-quality protein in as FAST as three weeks. Additionally, Bioantibody offers endotoxin removal and tagging services tailored to our customers' specific needs. We are committed to delivering results and promise not to charge any fees if the final protein is not expressed.

  Service Process  


  Service Items  

Service Items Experimental Content Lead Time(BD)
Gene Synthesis Codon optimization, gene synthesis and subcloning. 5-10
Expression Identification and Solubility Analysis
1. Transformation and incubation, expression detection with SDS-PAGE. 2. Solubility analysis, SDS-PAGE and WB detection 10
Large incubation and  purification, final protein (purity>85%, 90%, 95%) and standard experimental report Affinity purification (Ni column, MBP, GST)

If the gene is synthesized in Bioantibody, the constructed plasmid will be included in the deliverables.

  Service Advantages  

No Success, No Fee

Professional Support Team: Timely Response, Patient and Meticulous

Meet customized requirements of customers for protein purity, concentration, endotoxin, Buffer, etc.

The ISO13485 Quality Management System Maintains High Quality Standards

  Order Method  

Please download the order form and fill it out as required and send it to service@bkbio.com.cn