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What are your key or best-selling products?

Bioantibody Biotech. Is a global leading supplier who can provide one-stop solutions from raw materials, semi-finished reagents to finished products. The best-selling products are PIVKA II, S100β, COVID-19 series of materials and rapid anitgen test kits.

Do you offer raw materials?

Yes, Bioantibody Biotech. started its business from exploring and providing customers innovative and high-quality raw materials, including antibodies, antigens (proteins) and enzymes. For more details, please contact us by calling +86-025-58501357 or by e-mail: sales@bkbio.com.cn.

Do you recruit distributors? How can I become one?

Yes, we may recruit distributor in your country. You can contact our sales representative in charge of your country for confirmation. Also, please feel free to call Bioantibody team +86-025-58501357.

How long is the product order lead time?

It depends. If there is enough product in stock, we will arrange the shipment for you ASAP. If not, we will let you know how many days will be needed for production. Generally, the lead time affects by many factors such as order quantity, payment, customs clearance, weather conditions, etc.

Can you provide technical support if I want to know more about your company or products?

Sure, we could arrange special meetings/training for you or your team. If you need, please feel free to call us +86-025-58501357 or leave us a message via e-mail: sales@bkbio.com.cn.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do. Our products have been delivered to a lot of countries and cities. Bioantibody is becoming one of their favourite suppliers due to the high-quality and money-saving products.

How about the shipping fee?

Shipping costs vary depending on a variety of factors, from package measurements, shipment type, weight, location, and more.

How can I place an order?

You may contact Bioantibody Biotech. sales for quotation and purchase via sales@bkbio.com.cn, or call +86-025-58501357.