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Mammalian Cell Protein Expression

The mammalian cell expression system employs mammalian cells such as HEK293 and CHO and enables post-translational modifications, including folding and complex glycosylation, resulting in proteins that closely resemble their natural counterparts in terms of activity. As a result of this distinct advantage, the mammalian cell expression system plays a crucial role in gene discovery, protein structure and function research, and genetic engineering drug development. However, the current mammalian cell expression system has certain limitations, such as long turnaround time and high production costs.

  Service Process  


  Service Items  

Service Items Lead Time(BD)
20mL high-density expression and purification service
1-10L high density expression and purification service

  Service Advantages  

Using HEK293 or CHO as host cell. Serum-free incubation, High-density Expression, High Transfection Efficiency, High Expression Level, and No External Interference.

Meet customized requirements of customers for protein purity, concentration, endotoxin, Buffer, etc.

  Order Method  

Please download the order form and fill it out as required and send an email to service@bkbio.com.cn