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Monoclonal Antibody Service

Monoclonal antibody, produced by a single B cell clone, has highly homogeneity that targets a specific antigen epitope. Monoclonal antibody has numerous advantages, including high purity, sensitivity, and specificity. Hybridomas are created through the fusion of B lymphocytes which produce certain specific antibodies, with long-lived myeloma cells. Bioantibody utilizes a high-efficiency fusion technology that is 20 times more effective than conventional fusion methods. Additionally, it employs protein microarray screening technology to identify monoclonal antibodies that exhibit high specificity, affinity, and functional efficacy against specific epitopes.

  Service Process  


  Service Items  

Service Items Experimental Contents Lead Time(Week)
Antigen preparation
1. Customer provides the antigen  2. Bioantibody prepares the antigen  /
Mouse immunization Immunization of BALB/c mouse, serum collection and ELISA analysis  4
Cell fusion and screening Fusion of mouse splenocytes and myeloma cells, HAT screening  2
Stable cell line establishment Subcloning of screened positive clones  3
Antibody isotype identification Identification of cell line subtypes  1
Small scale incubation Serum-free incubation  2
Large scale incubation and purification 200mL serum-free incubation and purification  1

  Service Advantages  

Short Turnaround Time

Bioantibody Self-developed Technology Platform

High-efficiency Hybridoma Fusion Technology Increases Fusion Efficiency By 20 Times

  Order Method  

Please download the order form and fill it out as required and send an email to service@bkbio.com.cn