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H. Pylori Antibody Rapid test kit (Lateral chromatography)

Short Description:

Specimen Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood Format Cassette
Sensitivity 95.45% Specificity 98.14%
Trans. & Sto. Temp. 2-30℃ / 36-86℉ Test Time 10 mins
Specification 1 Test/Kit; 25 Tests/Kit

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Intended Use

H. Pylori Antibody Rapid Test Kit (Lateral chromatography) is a Lateral chromatography intended for the rapid, qualitative detection of IgG antibodies specific to Helicobacter pylori in human serum, plasma, whole blood or fingertip whole blood as an aid in the diagnosis of H. pylori infection in patients with clinical signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal disease. The test is only to be used by medical professionals. 

Test Principle

The kit is immunochromatographic and uses capture method to detect H. Pylori Antibody. H. Pylori antigens are bond at the Test line (T). When the sample is added, IT will form complexes with H. pylori antibodies in the samples, and microsphere-labeled mouse anti-human igg antibodies bind to the complex at the T lines to form visually visible lines. If there are no anti-H. Pylori antibodies in sample, no red line is formed in the Test line (T). A built-in control line will always appear in the Control line (C) when the test has performed properly, regardless of the presence or absence of anti-H. pylori antibodies in the specimen.

Main Contents

Components provided are listed in the table.

Component  REF/REF B011C-01 B011C-25
Test Cassette 1 test 25 tests
Sample Diluent 1 bottle 25 bottles
Dropper 1 piece 25 pcs
Alcohol Pad 1 piece 25 pcs
Disposable lancet 1 piece 1 piece

Operation Flow

Step 1: Sampling
Collect human Serum/Plasma/Whole blood properly.

Step 2: Testing

1.Remove an extraction tube from the kit and a test box from the film bag by tearing the notch. Put them on the horizontal plane.

2.Open the inspection card aluminum foil bag. Remove the test card and place it horizontally on a table.

3. Use a disposable pipette, transfer 10μL serum /or 10μL plasma/ or 20μL whole blood into the sample well on the test cassette. Start counting.

Step 3: Reading
10 mins later, read the results visually. (Note: do NOT read the results after 15 mins!)

Result Interpretation

b002ch (4)

1.Positive Result

Colored bands appear at both test line (T) and control line (C). It indicates a positive result for the detection of H. pylori-specific IgG antibodies.

2.Negative Result

Colored band appear at control line (C) only. It indicates the absence of H.pylori-specific IgG antibodies.

3.Invalid Result

No visible colored band appears at control line after performing the test. Insufficient sample volume or incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely reasons for control line failure. Review the test procedure and repeat the test using a new test device.

Order Information

Product Name Cat. No Size Specimen  Shelf Life Trans. & Sto. Temp.
H. Pylori Antibody Rapid test kit (Lateral chromatography) B011C-01 1test/kit Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood 18 Months 2-30℃ / 36-86℉
B011C-25 25 tests/kit

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