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Oligo Synthesis

With strong scientific research capabilities, advanced high-throughput synthesizer, and comprehensive processes, Bioantibody offers high-quality oligonucleotides to customers. Every stage, from the acquisition of raw materials, production, quality control, to the shipment of the final product, is carried out meticulously in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOPs). Based on the specific needs of customers, Bioantibody provides diverse methods such as RPC, PAGE, and HPLC, to purify with length of up to 200nt. Our synthesized oligoes meet a wide range of downstream applications, including PCR amplification, sequencing, and synthesis.

Technology Platform  


  Service Items  

Oligo length Purification method Yield
15-120 nt   PRC 2 OD
5 OD
10 OD
5 OD
10 OD
 HPLC 1~2 OD

Please choose the proper purification method (PRC, PAGE, HPLC) according to the downstream application.

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Fast Delivery: Same Day Delivery Service

Professional Support Team: Timely Response, Patient and Meticulous

High Purity and Low Base Error Rate

The ISO13485 Quality Management System Maintains High Quality Standards

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Freeze-dried (Liquid) Oligo

  Order Method  

Please download the order form and fill it out as required and send it to service@bkbio.com.cn