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From May 28th to 30th, the 20th China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Equipment Reagent Expo (CACLP) took place at the Greenland Expo Center in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Distinguished domestic and international experts, scholars, and enterprises specializing in the field of laboratory medicine convened at this esteemed event. Bioantibody actively participated in this in vitro diagnostic gathering, showcasing its cutting-edge IVD raw materials. The company joined forces with over 1300 leading IVD companies from across the globe to witness and contribute to this remarkable exhibition.


Bioantibody excels in independent research and development, ensuring a meticulous and original approach to core technology and platform validation. This commitment empowers us to deliver diagnostic reagent raw materials of exceptional quality to our valued customers. By leveraging our self-production capabilities, we guarantee minimal batch-to-batch variation, unwavering stability, and exceptional performance.

Our extensive product line encompasses a wide range of raw materials vital to human health. We offer the cardiovascular series, which includes GDF-15, cTnI/C, and CKMB. Our infectious disease series covers HP and HIV, while the maternal and child reproductive series includes sFlT-1 and PLGF. Additionally, our offering extends to the inflammatory index series (CRP, SAA, IL-6), metabolic series (HbA1c), tumor index series (PIVKA-Ⅱ, CHI3L1, VEGF), hormone series (GH, PRL), and more. These raw materials play a crucial role in diagnostic and medical applications, supporting accurate and timely healthcare interventions.

At Bioantibody, we are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions, enabling them to make informed decisions and contribute to the advancement of healthcare.


During the exhibition, we garnered the anticipation and acknowledgement of our esteemed clientele. This successful culmination marks the advent of a fresh chapter. Going forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our core values, persistently fostering innovation, and harnessing the potential of technology to enhance the well-being of humanity. Adhering unwaveringly to our corporate vision of “technology enhancing the global ecosystem,” we shall persevere in our pursuit of advancing the realm of human health.


Post time: Jun-02-2023