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Gene Synthesis

With the aid of cutting-edge automated gene synthesis platform and experienced R&D and project management team, Bioantibody possesses the capability to synthesize genes of any length and sequence with utmost precision. Moreover, Bioantibody extends complimentary codon optimization services to its customers and offers a plethora of vector options from its extensive library comprising over a hundred vectors. It is important to note that unless explicitly specified, Bioantibody employs the high-copy plasmid vector pUC57 for gene cloning purposes. Apart from these services, Bioantibody also provides free vector subcloning services that cater to the specific needs of its customers. Bioantibody also provides services subcloning the target gene into customer provided vectors, and vector storage service.


  Service Process  


  Service Items  

Gene Length(bp) Lead Time(BD)
<500 5
500~3,000 5~10
3,001~5,000 10~15
5,001~8,000 15~20
>8,000 20~25

  Service Advantages  

Fast Delivery: Deliver in 3 days at earliest.

Professional Support Team: Timely Response, Patient and Meticulous

High Purity

The ISO13485 Quality Management System Maintains High Quality Standards

  Standard Delivery  


2~5μg Freeze-dried (Liquid) Plasmid

  Order Method  

Please download the order form and fill it out as required and send it to service@bkbio.com.cn