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Anti- human CHI3L1 Antibody, human Monoclonal

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Purification Affinity-chromatography Isotype Not Determined
Host Species Human Species Reactivity Human
Application Chemiluminescent Immunoassay (CLIA)

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General Information
Chitinase-3-like protein 1 (CHI3L1) is a secreted heparin-binding glycoprotein whose expression is associated with vascular smooth muscle cell migration. CHI3L1 is expressed at high levels in postconfluent nodular VSMC cultures and at low levels in subconfluent proliferating cultures. CHI3L1 is a tissue-restricted, chitin-binding lectin and member of glycosyl hydrolase family 18. In contrast to many other monocyto / macrophage markers, its expression is absent in monocytes and strong induced during late stages of human macrophage differentiation. Elevated levels of CHI3L1 are associated with disorders exhibiting increased connective tissue turnover, such as rheum atoid, arthritis, osteoarthritis, scleroderma, and cirrhosis of liver, but is produced in cartilage from old donors or patiens with osteoarthritis. CHI3L1 is abnormally expressed in the hippocampus of subjects with schizophrenia and may be involved in the cellular response to various environmental events that are reported to increase the risk of schizophrenia.


Pair Recommendation CLIA (Capture-Detection):
2E4-2 ~ 1G11-14
13F3-1 ~ 1G11-14
Purity >95%, determined by SDS-PAGE
Buffer Formulation PBS, pH7.4
Storage Store it under sterile conditions at -20℃ to -80℃ upon receiving.
For long term storage, please aliquot and store it. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing cycles.

Comparison Analysis

Bioantibody clinically diagnosed case Total
positive Negative
positive 46 3 49
Negative 4 97 101
Total 50 100 150
evaluation index sensitivity specificity accuracy
92% 97% 95%

Order Information

Product Name Cat. No Clone ID
CHI3L1 AB0031-1 1G11-14
AB0031-2 2E4-2
AB0031-3 3A12-1
AB0031-4 13F3-1

Note: Bioantibody can customized quantities per your need.


1.Kyrgios I , Galli-Tsinopoulou A , Stylianou C , et al. Elevated circulating levels of the serum acute-phase protein YKL-40 (chitinase 3-like protein 1) are a marker of obesity and insulin resistance in prepubertal children[J]. Metabolism-clinical & Experimental, 2012, 61(4):562-568.

2.Yu-Huan M , Li-Ming T , Jian-Ying L I , et al. Evaluation on application of serum chitinase-3-like protein 1,alpha-fetoprotein and ferritin detection to diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma[J]. Practical Preventive Medicine, 2018.

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